Picnic 2020 Report

Stirling City Old Timer's Picnic

2020-2021 Report and Review
February 14, 2021

The Stirling City Old Timer’s Picnic Committee (SCOTP) was initiated August 1st, 2020 following the resignation of long-time, past chair Madelyn Henry.

Volunteer committee members were Marilyn Meyer, Darlene Bonehane, Teri Hyatt, Ron Scott, Lance Orner, Pete Cuming, Bill and LaVon Dennison. Nirvana Haver was invited to the committee during the August 29th, 2020 committee meeting.

One of the primary goals established during our first meeting (April 16, 2020) was... "To Broaden the SCOTP invitations beyond those who had resided in Stirling City prior to 1958 that included future generations and all others who are interested in preserving and learning about the rich heritage of Stirling City and The Diamond Match Company".

Because of uncertainty of the availability of Clotilde Merlo Park, Pete Cuming had volunteered to obtain Stirling City Historic Society Board agreement to hold our picnic at the Museum on the Skyway. Pete and Glenda Chombeau spent considerable effort in installing new display cabinets and other work in preparation for the SCOTP. Due to the Pandemic the Museum was closed just a week prior to the Picnic. Thanks to Tyrel Batz, we were able to secure a last-minute reservation (with a wedding party) at the Park.

Link to photos

During our August 29, 2010 Committee meeting, the SCOT Picnic was declared a Success based on discussions, including these reports:


Approximately 75-85, which was good considering the uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions.


Archie Scott provided insight into his family and Stirling City history. Video is available online

Rob Hanford summarized the interviews which he held with the late Red Keller.

Bob Meyer gave a brief report on the accomplishment of the Cemetery by local leaders and Sierra Pacific Industries.


Carol Lewis of the local veterans and her new Pain-staking project; A copy of the Mrs. "Wampy" Wambold's 75 year-old scrap book of newspaper articles about our our local boys who served and died in WWII.

Glenda Chombeau SCHS officer of photos of past SCOT Picnics.


Madelyn Henry was given a Printed Plague and Special Basket in appreciation of Her services as Old Timer's Picnic Chairperson. Due to her absence, these were delivered to Madelyn's home. Chairman Dennison, also mailed her a special invitation and note of appreciation on behalf of the Committee.

Special Recognition:

  • Marilyn Meyer: Food Chair

  • Darlene Bohneman: Invitations Chair

  • Pete Cuming: SCHS liaison and "Trouble-shooter".

  • Ron Scott-Treasurer: established a SCOTP bank account.

  • Lance Orner: Webmaster; establishing a website.

  • Tyrel Batz: Clotilde Merlo Park Manager

  • Bill Dennison: SCOTP Chair

Proposals for changing the name of the Picnic were discussed in some detail to determine if a new name may encourage an increase in attendance. It was determined to continue the same name, but add parenthetically (Old and New)..

Stirling City Old Timer's Picnic
(Old and New)

Date and Location of the 2021 Stirling City Old Timer’s Picnic.

The Picnic will be held on the August 7th…the first Saturday in August. The location will begin at 10 a.m. in Clotilde Merlo Park. With coordinated efforts with Stirling City History Society, we hope to move our afternoon festivities to the Museum.

Stirling City Historical Society website


We are also working with the Stirling City Historical Society to improve sharing for everybody, and a long term archive for digital photos and assets. Lance Orner is the webmaster for both sites, and will be increasing capability. If you have contributions to either site, please contact lance@orner.com.

Please stay tuned for more information about the August 7, 2021 SCOTP

You may direct your questions to me, Bill Dennison: 33dennison@gmail.com 530-258-1489.


Bill Dennison SCOTP Committee, Chair