Jennie Keesy and Stirling Friends 1953


The Stirling City Friends may have been the Busy Bee Club which was very active during the 1953 era.

The individual ladies may not be familiar to everyone; mention of the names of their spouses will be meaningful to others, as well as me.

Cora DeTree was the spouse of our barber, Dan Detree who worked in the Stirling City Sawmill. I remember them so vividly. [1]

Lorene Henry I don't recall, but there were many Henry family members. Some of them are noted in the wonderful Wambold Scrapbook which Carol Lewis has completed and is available in the Stirling City Museum.

Julia Tapia was the spouse of Fidel Tapia, a long-time respected worker on the railroad and road construction. Fidel and his son Eddie worked with me on the road construction crew 1962-70. I gave Fidel the Diamond International traditional gold watch at his retirement. They lived on Manzanita up near the grammar school.

Julia Love was the spouse of Dan Love and mother of June Love VanGooden and Joyce. June married Ed VanGooden and they ran cattle in the area between Stirling City and Butte Meadows for years. June now lives in Chico.

Marge Grater, spouse of Toad Grater, were a great couple. He worked on the construction crew.

Edna Rouse, spouse of Beryl Rouse who also worked on the road construction crew. [2]

Jennie Keesy, mother of Lynn Keesy (who supplied this photo) and me.